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About Gocek
Gocek is a small seaside fishing village turned into the top yachting center of Turkey, lies on a valley surrounded by pine tree hills on three sides. Due to abundant freshwater, the warm climate and very fertile soil, farming is still practiced even though land prices have skyrocketed in the last decade since Gocek became an internationally famous port city. Situated 20 km away from Dalaman International Airport, Gocek is an ideal base for international tourism with its unique nature and sheltered gulf. Hosting six significant marinas, Gocek serves yacht tourism in the region with Club Marina, Skopea Marina, Municipality Marinas, Marinturk Gocek port, Marinturk Exclusive and Port Gocek ( D Marine ) near by the Swissotel Marina Resort. Since it is a departure and arrival point for Blue Cruises, there is quite busy yacht traffic in town harbor. Gocek coves and 12 Islands, like hidden paradise, with crystal clear Mediterranean water and beaches has rendered Gocek an indispensable destination for seafarers.

It is not just world-class yachting that makes Gocek a special place; it is the way the culture and natural surroundings blend in such a harmony. The waterfront is lined with bars and restaurants. Inland life revolves around the pretty market square which is lined with little shops selling antiques and crafts as well as the more usual carpets. Gocek area also offers luxury accommodations, exclusive Gocek villas and fine dining options that appeals to a sophisticated crowd with a range of other hotels and restaurants. Gocek has all the necessary infrastructure, capacity and amenities expected in a tourism center, yet it is renowned as a much peaceful and quieter settlement than other tourism areas.

Beyond all Gocek’s unique natural environment is strictly protected are additional attractions that are encouraging people for purchase a holiday home or to live in Gocek permanently. One of the close places to spend time is Inlice which is 10 minute away from your rental house in Gocek. You will arrive shortly on the beach when continuing from the main road to the sea. Its sea and beach are nice and have fine sand in a tranquil atmosphere. Another amazing place as a corner of Gocek is called Gunluklu Bay, a natural wonder, being 10 km away from Gocek where an alley branches off to the left which after one km ends up at Gunluklu Bay where is covered by different and aromatic aqueous amber (sweet gum ) trees which is also called Sigla or Gunluk trees grow here easily and in abundance.

Regarding that Gocek is such a nice town to both have a holiday and live in.
Distance to Gocek
Fethiye 30 km Ýstanbul 834 km
Dalaman 16 km Antalya 224 km
Gocek Weather Forecast
Gocek Activities
Blue Cruise & Sailing

Gocek is the gateway to the wonderful unspoilt islands in the gulf. Due Gocek is a sailing base, there are six marinas and one boat yard and also marina for mega yachts .

Enjoy a breathtaking adventure by flying tandem with experienced pilots working in reliable companies. Take off from the 2000 meter summit of Babadag Mountain and fly along the stunning southern coast of Turkey with 30-40 thrilling minutes of amazing birds eye views of the famous Blue Lagoon, down to a gentle landing on Oludeniz beach.
Scuba Diving

Explore the world under the sea. Feed the fish whilst scuba diving in the clear waters of Fethiye. An exciting adventure awaits all, whether beginners or experienced divers with full instruction and equipment provided. Everyone is welcome, even those not wanting to dive. Non divers can sunbathe, swim or simply watch the divers.
Kite Surfing

One of the main attractions of having holiday in and around Gocek is kite surfing which is the potential for making huge jumps, flying through the air for considerable distances and being given the opportunity to perform awe-inspiring tricks. Kite surfing is possible in CALIS- one of the most major beach destinations of Fethiye and can be enjoyed by most age groups. This suitable locations has a consistent, steady side-onshore wind, large open bodies of water and good launch area and pubs. You can find kite and wind surf school in Calis as well.
Around Gocek

Oludeniz, located 14 km away from Fethiye is one of the most popular holiday resorts and ideal spot in the world with a 3-km-long sandy beach and crystal clear water in a restful atmosphere and known as Turquoise coast. The area is also famous for paragliding opportunities regarding its unique panoramic view and Babadag Mountain’s perfect conditions as take off points. In addition to its activities, Oludeniz with an atmosphere of laid back sophistication offers you a lively nightlife with terrace restaurants and bars without any hustle bustle.

Dalyan is a small resort, near the pretty Dalyan River (the ancient Calbis River), closely located to International Dalaman airport. Dalyan is a traditional riverside village, which has been described as “one of the last corner stone of paradise”. Overlooking the village are the astonishing Lycian rock tombs of the King’s Cemetery and a little further along the river you can discover the ancient city of Caunos with its ruined Amphitheatre.
The area is home to lots of wildlife in particular storks nest in the area every summer. Lake Köycegiz lies at the head of the delta which is formed into a natural harbor. The delta became a home to all manner of flora and fauna and Iztuzu beach became one of the last remaining natural nesting sites for Loggerhead Sea Turtles, only 10 minutes away from Dalyan and the wetlands are home to many different freshwater turtles, birds, the rare blue crab and many fish species.

Patara is biggest sand beach in Turkey and protected for sea turtles. The most beautiful untouched beach is 18 km long and is also a perfect spot. Here you will sense the deep culture of classic predecessors who once lived in this beautiful place. All of the sites are easily accessible by car. To start with, Tlos is located on a rock where remains from all Lycian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods are mixed together with Ottoman castle build above Lycian tomb and a Roman theater as well as a byzantine church. Tlos is one of the six principle cities in Lycian history. Secondly, Xanthos is 19 km away from Kalkan. You can arrange a short trip by your rental car to visit the important capital city of Lycians. The theater, Tomb of the Horpies, Nereid Monument and agora create a mixture and special atmosphere at this site, than Patara, you will experience the stunning view over Xanthos valley. Patara is one of the six principal cities of Lycians and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. One of the most popular places is Letoon 25 km away from Kalkan and 5 km away from Xanthos was the religious Centre of Lycians. There are ruins of temples dedicated to Gods Apollo, Artemis and Lato.

Being the largest canyon in Turkey and the second-largest gorge in Europe, saklýkent is a narrow canyon with 18km length. An enormous river appears between huge rocks creating Saklikent Gorge 300 meters deep and offers visitors one of the most breathtaking excursions in all of Turkey. Saklikent in Turkish means "Hidden City". The walls are so high that they cut out most of the sunlight and the fresh spring waters that flow through are freezing cold!. A cool refuge on hot summer days, Saklikent Gorge is a favorite picnic spot where rustic restaurants overhanging the river serve delicious fresh trout and other local delicacies.

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